February goals check in

Short month, quick check

by Dan

goals 🥅|
  • Morning routine 28/28 (days)
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu 12/12 (days)
  • Read 20 books 2/2 (books)
  • Launch 2 tech projects ?/x (code days)

Quick update for this month. Everything is going smoothly, daily habits have become a routine by now. I have not missed a day of drawing (something), playing my guitar or practicing Chinese.


Moving into March, I need to practice being more mindful with my goals. Spend focused time and longer times on the ones I really care about, and push through the difficult parts.

  1. Finish my daily routines in the morning instead of playing video games
  2. New daily habit: hip stretches daily
  3. New daily habit: study BJJ and take notes
  4. Be more mindful while practicing