Frontend Interview Retrospective

Working to be more functional

by Dan

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One of my goals in becoming a better developer is trying to think more functionally. Recently, I did a take home challenge for a new software engineering role as a mostly frontend dev. One of the interviewers asked me why I wrote the following piece of code and how I could have been more functional with it.

let arrayOfUsersFreeTimes = [];

// create an array of all user free times
userSchedules.forEach(schedule => {
    findFreeTimes(start, end, durationInMinutes, schedule),

He asked why I was looping over with a foreach and pushing to an array rather than using map, which was meant for this task. I realized, under pressure, my mind naturally went to foreach's (and maybe a for loop or two...).

The next day I watched a great video just to refresh my mind a bit on what it means to think more functionally.

JSConf YouTube video on functional programming

I was inspired and looked through some production code at work -- refactoring similar instances with slick Map and Filter array methods. The code immediately read so much cleaner.

let arrayOfUsersFreeTimes = => {
    return findFreeTimes(start, end, durationInMinutes, schedule),

Just getting a hang on using the proper array methods is not exactly my goal moving foward though. I would really start to think more functionally in general when I approach problems:

  • Not mutating state
  • Writing more pure functions
  • Utilizing higher order functions