January goals check in

One month in

by Dan

goals 🥅|
  • Morning routine 30/30 (days)
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu 3/12 (days)
  • Read 20 books 2/2 (books)
  • Launch 2 tech projects ?/x (code days)

tracking my morning routine in a google sheet

Overall a very successful first month. January can be incredibly tricky. The motivation is always very high to start the year, but the focus and organizination can waiver especially as I determine what really are the most important goals and habits. But 30/30 days of drawing, guitar AND practicing Chinese is a huge win 🥳, as well as my reading actually being a bit ahead of schedule!

Daily morning routine

I nailed all 3 of my morning routine goals... I just did not really do them as a morning routine. Rather, I accomplished them randomly throughout the day depending on the day.

Chinese has been going well. I reset my progress in the app I use Hello Chinese since I began a few years back. They updated their lesson plans and added some extra words and grammar that has been very helpful.

The drawing course I am following - DrawABox - I have found to be very difficult in places (form intersections). So I find myself practicing drawing off of quick character or figure tutorials in my sketchbook. I hope to really train my mind to focus time on some of the harder elements of drawing and be mindful of when I resist or stray.

Guitar has been going well. Slowly making my way through Justin Guitars blues lessons. Similarly to drawing, I think I can focus more on making progress a bit quicker through the guitar lessons and focusing on some of the more difficult elements to grasp.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu 3x a week

COVID, cold, snow and all of the excuses. I really need to get in more, might even need to up my time to 4x a week to force myself into a habit if 3 does not do it. February will be a big turn around month for this goal.

Read 20 books within the year

Crushing through the Witcher series, so good. A mixture of reading and Libby audiobooks. I have been reading randomly throughout the day, and think it would be worth making it a bit more of a nightly habit. Maybe cut back on Call of Duty a bit.

Launch 2 tech projects within the year

Surprisingly, I actually spent a good couple of days playing with Slack bots and the Google Sheets api. I overcame some major hurdles regarding authentication with Google Sheets thanks to this YouTube tutorial, after many many other tutorials and docs were sifted through.

What to focus on for next month

  1. Make my morning routine a morning routine
  2. Go to BJJ no matter what (cold/rain/snow)
  3. Make reading a nightly habit
  4. Track coding days to spend adequate time on side projects
  5. Focus on progress with guitar and drawing courses

A couple sketches

Drawing of a kabuki actor

Drawing of dexter from dexters lab