Pull request templates

Giving PRs a bit more context

by Dan

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One of my favorite little Marie-Kondo/Clean Cody tidbits I have really latched onto since joining Robin is their use of pull request templates in our Github repo. All it is, is a little file name pull_request_template.md that goes inside a .github directory in your project. It really didn't take that long to get use to - and my PR descriptions went from maybe couple sentences (or just one...) of vague description - to generally well formatted lists, images, gifs and context on how to interpret and test the PR. Seems like an obvious addition to a project in hindisght, yet I still have not added one to this blog's repo... 🤦

Example File

## What's new

<!-- [short summary of changes and why they were made] -->

<!-- [any screenshots if applicable]
|         Old          |         New          |
| :------------------: | :------------------: |
| [old screenshot/gif] | [new screenshot/gif] |

## Implementation Details

<!-- [go into detail on specific implementation or trickiness that the review should know about, if applicable] -->

## Testing

<!-- [explain how to test] -->

## References, Dependencies, and Things Left TODO

 - [ ] [link to pull requests that this depends on](#)
 - [ ] something that's left todo.